How Build a Roku Channel
We make it easy to build a Roku channel.

ATTN: As of July 2023 Roku accepts NO new channels built with Direct Publisher.  As of January 2024 Roku will cease all support for Direct Publisher channels. Our product will continue to function with existing customers until the last DP channel is terminated. However, if you discover issues with your existing channel, Roku will not address them. So far we have noticed it takes several days to ingest a feed whereas before it took only minutes. Other issues have been reported with Roku in general. does one thing: it builds a Roku Feed necessary to publish a Roku Channel. Our instructions page not only tells you how to use our site, but it helps you navigate all the confusing choices on the Roku setup page and jump starts your effort to get online with your own TV channel on Roku. However, you can’t build a Roku channel without having a feed provider like Video Feed Builder.

There are many ways to build a Roku Channel, we are simply the easiest. No complicated programming or other skills required. This process is very easy for any layman to navigate and complete. Assuming you have your video content ready, here is all that you will need:

  1. A Vimeo Pro Account (this is where your videos are stored and where Roku feeds them from)
  2. A Roku Developer account (free with all Roku accounts)
  3. 30 minutes to set up your Roku channel

There is only a modest fee for this service, you can try it for a week for $1. This product is self-serve, in other words, we provide the software, you do the work. It uses short form videos like you see on Vimeo.

A huge THANK YOU for developing such a unique service that makes publishing our primetime television show, The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck, from Vimeo to our Roku channel an absolute breeze.  We highly recommend Video Feed Builder! Christopher P. Vlk, Producer / Chief Editor, The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck

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Read our instructions and find out how easy it can be for you to have your own Roku channel.